Sunday, June 7, 2009

I can't believe it's over...

Last Wednesday was the big 5th grade banquet for my Ben... doesn't he look handsome all dressed up before school?

We gussied up the school cafeteria pretty well...

The theme was a Parisian Cafe'... I love the kids' renditions of the Eiffel Tower. They didn't even know they were making them to decorate their own banquet. Sneaky art teacher!

We even had a standing Eiffel Tower made out of cardboard... it was supposed to be 16' tall, but the bottom legs didn't look too sturdy, so we improvised & took them off. I still thought it was pretty impressive, especially with the lights twinkling.

Isn't this a pretty work of art?

You would never know it was on the door of a school cafeteria.

Here's Ben's place setting. Aren't those memory books cool? Absolutely stunning, right? I think whoever designed them must be an artistic GENIUS! (teehee!) Actually, I was pretty proud of how they came out. Ben's superlative for his class was "Most Likely to Be President"... maybe my politically minded dad can be his campaign manager. Leave me the heck outta that one!

They had each table come in one by one to have their pictures taken, then they were lead to their tables by their "server". Here's Ben's group... minus the other kids' faces.

Here's Ben with some of his awards. He got a medal for getting straight A's, one for perfect attendance & one for being an "Ancient Mariner"... he went straight through from Kindergarten to 5th grade. His first visit to the school was when he was a week old, when he visited his sisters' classrooms. His legs weren't even all stretched out yet.

I know my son is growing up, but I don't think he should be in a class with girls who wear shoes like this... YOWSER! You should have seen the boots she wore to the 1st semester awards ceremony... I wish girls wouldn't try to grow up so fast!

After the banquet, the rest of the school lined the halls for "Clap Out" as the 5th graders paraded through the halls. This tradition started after my girls graduated from the school (as did the banquet), I had never seen it done & I admit I was bawling like a baby.

I'm thinking the girl with the high heels was regretting that choice about now...

There's Ben...he's the one with the un-pixelated face. Duh?!

When all was said & done, we came home & had a little photo shoot with his sisters. They're so proud of their little brother. The day will come soon when he'll be resting his arms on their shoulders. *Sigh* Where does the time go?

Then he was off to his first drum lesson. Oy vey!


Anonymous said...

Wonderful. I bawled too

Joanne said...

Couple things here ...
1. I have the same exact post! LMAO!
2. Anonymous is usually Ben, so let him know that Rachael bawled too.
3. I noticed this at Rachael's school too....I don't think 5th graders should be wearing 3 inch heels. At least my 5th grader wouldn't !!
4. We could make a fortune if we could come up with a potion to keep them at this age :(

Katie said...

The clap out. Oy. I cried, from another room of the school, only hearing it, and I didn't even have a child participating (or anywhere close, the oldest is 8).

And those shoes? Reeeeally? Think Fin will wear those ever?