Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Home Stretch

So, this coming Tuesday is Jordan's high school soccer banquet. The official end to her high school soccer career. The official end to MY high school soccer career. I'll admit, I have gotten WAAAY too involved in this team this season.

Normally, the freshmen parents are responsible for the banquet, but somehow this year the banquet committee ended up consisting of 2 senior parents & 2 freshmen parents, with, of course, one of the senior parents being me.

Here's what we've been up to...

The bears are for the seniors. I made them for the seniors when Jordan was a freshmen & everyone thought they were so cute, I made them for Megan's senior class & now for Jordan's class too. This is the iron-on I put on the front of the bear's t-shirt...then I also ironed on each girls names & number to the back of the t-shirts. Each bear is holding a soccer ball in one hand & another t-shirt with the logo of the college they are going to rolled up like a diploma in the other. They are freakin' adorable! (if I do say so myself)

Then centerpieces were a group effort. Another mom painted the flower pots black & glued on the ribbon, I wrote the names & took the pictures & yet another mom attached the pictures to the sticks & covered the lollipops with cellophane. I think they came out really cute.

Without a doubt, the thing I'm most excited about is the season highlight video I spent the last few months putting together... here's a sneak peek at the first part of the video.


Anonymous said...

fantastic! Such fun.

Chris said...

Those are awesome!