Thursday, September 9, 2010


Meet our newest family member, Bentley Pants...

Several years ago, we promised Ben we would get him a dog when Jordan went to college.

After a very sad experience at the local pound (we fell in love with what turned out to be a very sick dog who had to be put down R.I.P. Lucy Pants), I put out the word on FB that we were looking for a dog to join our family. While we strongly believe in "saving" a dog, we were just too heartbroken to go back to the pound.

Debbie, the mom of one of Megan's old soccer teammates heard about Bentley, a one-year old labradoodle whose family had a change of circumstances that led to poor Bentley being stuck in a crate for 10 hrs. a day. Thankfully, they had the wisdom to know that was no life for such a sweet, loving pup, so selflessly they decided to find him a new home.

Now originally, the plan was to get a medium-sized dog. Michael grew up with a golden doodle (then commonly referred to as a mutt) & I grew up with minature dachshund. A medium sized dog seemed like the perfect compromise. Although I quickly found out that our idea of "medium sized" was completely different. I was thinking Lhasa Apso, he was thinking Golden Retriever.
But once we met Bentley, we all knew that medium-sized was right out the window.

There is nothing "medium-sized" about this dog. Just ask the cats (who, 10 days later are still not very happy with our decision)...

And althoug he LOVES to play in the mud, we think he's pretty awesome~

His favorite pastimes are playiing fetch with a tennis ball (for hours and hours and hours) & "eating" water right out of the hose.

Plus, if I do say so myself, he's pretty freaking adorable!

Even if he doesn't quite know what to make of my parents' pool.

Eventually, he decided to just hang out on the steps.

Until his boy was ready to get out & get dried off.
OMG, I was soooo not prepared to love a dog this much!

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Bethany said...

Wow, he is BIG! Sounds like he is fitting right into your family. I love his name :)