Thursday, May 28, 2009

Not much...

Not much to report here. We somehow managed to get through a holiday weekend without soccer... well, not MUCH soccer anyway, we did end up having a team lunch/meeting with Jordan's team after the girls had a light practice on Saturday. The fam went to see Star Trek (we all enjoyed it, though none of us has seen more than a hand full of ST episodes) on Sunday, then we had my parents over to celebrate dad's bday. On Monday, my friend Kristen & her husband hosted a Guacamole Throwdown. I actually had never had guacamole before. Very yummy indeed!

The big excitement around here is that after washing all the damn gray out of my hair this morning, I plucked a gray hair out of my !@#$! eyebrows. How long has that been there?! Aargh!

I'm bringing Mom to IKEA this morning. YEAH! I love me some IKEA!

Oh! and I FINALLY heard back from that teacher about the 5th grade banquet stuff. Another parent volunteered to print of the invitations & memory books in color. So I'm off the hook. I wonder if she ended up using my designs or made some herself. I'll let you know... and I will TRY so hard not to be offended if she didn't use mine.

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