Saturday, May 9, 2009

Soccer Peeps

From Megan's U11 soccer season through to her U15 year, both Megan & Jordan played for the 2 sisters, Vickie & Kasey & their friend, Andy. Any given year, one of them was head coach of one of the girls & the others were assistants. These coaches were young (just out of college) & enthusiastic & turned out to be great role-models for ALL of my kids and great friends to our whole family. Along with Megan's teammate, Kayte & her mom, Sue, we were somewhat of a "soccer posse". We hung out at the hotel pool during tournaments, had 4am pajama parties (with nachos!) to watch the World Cup in China, celebrated each others milestone birthdays, cheered on the Buc's Superbowl win and most importantly, once a week, after practice a whole group of us would grab a bite out together. Great memories! Here's "the gang" out in 2003, celebrating , Kayte's 14th birthday, notice how young Ben is. (Don't bother to look for me, as usual, I was the one taking the picture)

After Megan's U15 year, both Vickie & Kasey moved away and started lives of their own. Vickie is in Colorado now, coaching a new group of little girls & enjoying the mountains, snow & her boyfriend, Billy. Kasey married her British soulmate, Paul & they landed in Virginia.

Jordan continued to be coached by Andy (with Michael taking over assistant coaching duties) for 2 more years. Those were the beginnings of the true soccer obsession in our house. During that time, Andy fell in love with THE BEST GIRL, Tammy & she became part of "the gang" too.

Last Wednesday, we had dinner with "the gang" that is still around. (Again, I'm not in the picture) What's changed? Michael lives at home again (he was in W. Palm most of those early soccer days), Ben can stay awake throughout the whole meal now (he used to ALWAYS fall asleep), Jordan is (still) soccer-obsessed, Kayte & Megan are college girls, Andy & Tammy are homeowners, and of course, we all miss Vickie & Kasey. What's stayed the same? I love these people!

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Joanne said...

Great Post .... but the funniest thing in that picture is Ben is reading a book. He does that at soccer games and soccer dinners too! LOL !!