Friday, January 9, 2009


(e.t.a. The paragraphs are wonky...I can't fix them, but please read anyway)
Image: from Donald Miralle/Getty Images

First of all, I have to say...GO GATORS!!! National Champions! Woohoo! I got nervous there for awhile, but in the end Superman Timmy & the boys pulled it off. Megan was watching the game on campus at the OConnell Center, I haven't heard from her yet this morning, but I'm anxious to find out just how exciting it was on campus last night. What a thrilling time to be a Florida Gator!


Now, on to the exciting news I hinted at yesterday... Remember back in August when I told you about Jordan being selected to participate in the Interregional Event in Coral Springs? Well, when I checked my email yesterday afternoon, I found this letter...

It was an invitation from the Region III team for Jordan to attend the Algarve Cup in PORTUGAL!!!
You will be attending Algarve Cup games involving our Women’s National Teams and will actually be involved in three international matches with National Teams from other countries attending the games as well. You’ll be staying at X Hotel with the USA, Sweden and Norway National Teams.
Did you get that?! You’ll be staying at X Hotel with the USA, Sweden and Norway National Teams. IN PORTUGAL! I don't know if you understand how obsessed my girl is with the Women's National Team. The fact that there is a slight possibility that Jordan could end up in an elevator with Lori Chalupny, Heather O'Reilly or Lindsay Tarpley is enough to blow her mind! What? You're not familiar with those names?! I forget they aren't household names to most people. Compare it to, say, my husband being in an elevator with Bono. The trip is March 7-15, which, unfortuately, is not her Spring Break so she will have to miss a week of school & we will need to reschedule her SAT, but it's too exciting of an opportunity to pass up.
I got the letter a few hours before she got home from school & soccer practice so I had to come up with a creative way to tell her about it. As with everything else in my life, I went to scrapblog & made this... (I pixelated the pic of the hotel)
Ben was just as excited as I was, so he helped me set this up...

Thankfully, Jordan's birthday gift from my SIL had come in the mail yesterday, so when she got home (in a bad mood, I might add) I told her that her gift from Aunt Amy was on the table...

Hmmm....what's this?

Then it sinks in...

Congratulations Jordie Girl! Love you!

btw...when she came back down to earth, Jordan opened the gift from Amy... a Burberry pouch wallet that Amy just bought on her New Year's trip to London. Jordan loved it & can't wait to bring it back to EUROPE! :)


Kasey said...

Yay Jordan! You all must be so excited!!! She has a passport right?!? It's like she's having a birthday week!

Joanne said...

OMG ! Stop it!! I am jumping up and down for her... That is absolutely amazing...Wait until I tell Rachael!! I'm speechless!! SPEECHLESS !

WPMomOf2 (jen) said...

how exciting!!!!