Monday, August 25, 2008

The "Can-Do Kid"

YEAH!!! Today we found out that, for the 2nd year in a row, Jordan has been selected to participate as a member of the Region III team in the Inter-regional Event in Coral Springs, FL over Thanksgiving weekend.

For you non-soccer folks, this is part of the ODP (Olympic Development Program) though US Youth Soccer. For the past 3 years, Jordan has been a member of the Florida State ODP team & has had the opportunity to spend a few days each summer in Alabama, competing against teams from other states in the Southeastern U.S. At the end of the week, some players are asked to stay a few more days part of the "regional pool", from that "pool" players are selected to attend various events, the Inter-regional event being the first. Players from all 4 U.S. regions will be competing against each other as well as the U15 US Women's Nat'l team & a national team frm Russia. There will also be U.S. Nat'l team coaches & an estimated 75 Division 1 coaches there scouting. This is another exciting opportunity for Jordan & we are so proud of her!

This leads me to start wondering about Thanksgiving & Ben's birthday (which is during this event). Last year, we went down for a few days, stayed at the same hotel & watched some of the competitions. We had a crappy, albeit expensive, Thanksgiving dinner in the hotel dining room(the Inter-regional girls had a catered affair in one of the banquet rooms). Our budget is a little tighter this year, plus Megan will be home for such a short time, but hopefully we can go down for a little while. I know that the BIRTHDAY BOY will NOT want to spend his big day at the soccer field, but he also won't want to participate in his birthday surprise without his sisters! So... lots of details to work out and knowing me, I will obsess about them until the last minute without actually doing anything about them. :)
Although I complain, I'm really glad to have this problem & I know that Jordan has worked really hard to reach her goals. Jordan has had such a determination since she was a toddler & my mom always called her the "Can-Do Kid" & that is exactly what she is! Congratulations Kid!

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kasey said...

Way to go Jor-don!