Monday, March 9, 2009

Little of this & a little of that...

Jordan is having a great time in Portugal. I was in the shower this morning when she called, but both Megan & Michael talked to her. It sounds like she & her roommate, Nina "stalked" some of the Nat'l Team (NT) players at the hotel this morning while the NT players were heading to their bus for the game against Norway this afternoon. :) I KNOW she was excited to see them! I can't tell you how this girl looks up to those players. The girls on the Regional Team (RT) got to attend the game (the U.S. won 1-0). If my Facebook stalking is correct, they may have gotten to meet the players after the game, as Jordan's roommate's "status" is ___ is freaking best day ever! freaking NATASHA KAI gave me her jerseyy!!!!!!! :))))). [for you non-soccer folks, Natasha Kai is a forward for the NT]

Tomorrow the RT has their first match of the trip. Against Ireland. I know Jordan is pumped. She's been nursing that high ankle sprain since that tournament over New Year's & she says it's feeling really strong now. I hope so. :)

I'm hoping Jordan emails some picture soon, but I wouldn't count on it... communication is not her strong suit. (!)

Back on the homefront... Megan & I went grocery shopping today for some yummy meals we plan on cooking together while she's home for Spring Break. I'm really looking forward to it, Megan is really into lots of the food blogs & she's planned out the menu. I'm really looking forward to the Chicken Marsala especially... I think that's tomorrow night. Tonight Michael & the kids are having Moe's for dinner. I'm going out with some old high school friends. One of whom I haven't seen since high school, even though both of us are still in the same town. Another FB reunion. :) Should be fun!

(e.t.a. Apparently, she called Michael after the game... Natasha Kai autographed Jordan's jacket & she had her picture taken w/ Heather O'Reilly. :) The RT is going to watch the WT's training tomorrow, hopefully she'll get to take some more pics then! and maybe she'll send them to her mama, again, I doubt it.)

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WPMomOf2 (jen) said...

Spring Break, aaahhhh...the fun!! :) Glad all is well in Portugal.`