Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Here's a link to the Women's NT's blog talking about the Regional Teams being in Portugal. You think they would've KNOWN to feature Region III & one player in particular, but whatev! I heard from Jordan this morning via email. She's having THE time of her life! Apparently, she's the resident RT expert on all the players on the NT. Seriously, this girl doesn't like to spend much time on the computer, but what time she does spend online is usually researching all things US Soccer...Men's & Women's. If she never makes the NT (or even if she does), she should become their historian. I have yet to hear from her about their game against Ireland though. I'll keep you posted.


Kasey said...

Dude! how did they not know to include a certain Jordan on their blog. I read that blog everyday, Vickie and I can talk about them usually on a first name basis. We can't wait till Jordan is on the NT.

Tiffany said...


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