Monday, March 2, 2009

Poor boy.

I got a call from the school about 10:30 this morning. Poor Ben was sick with some tummy trouble. I picked him up & after a few more "episodes" & a good nap, he seems to be feeling better. Hopefully, it was just a quick little bug & he'll be close to 100% tomorrow.

And hopefully, none of the rest of us catch it. Things to do, people to see this week...
  • Michael is out of town starting Tuesday-Friday.
  • I'm having lunch with a friend on Wednesday.
  • Going to see my BFFs new house on Thursday.
  • Megan home for Spring Break on Friday.
  • Jordan leaves for Portugal on Saturday.
  • Dinner with my parents & my aunt & uncle visiting from Illinois on Sunday.

No. time. to. be. sick.


Joanne said...

Feel better Ben... Momma's got some plans :)

Ben said...

I'm glad I'm better now!