Saturday, October 10, 2009

My First Concert

My First Concert
by Ben

Last night I went to my very first concert. My sisters' first concert was Hanson. My mom's first concert was Billy Squier. My dad's first concert was The Beach Boys, Starship & Whitney Houston. I think I'm definitely the luckiest of the Beth Blog's Bunch. My first concert was U2!

Even though they told me they wouldn't, Mom & Dad signed me out a little early so we could grab a bite to eat & beat traffic. I quickly changed out of my school uniform & grabbed my book.

Mom knew our seats were kinda high up so she brought some binoculars.

We got to the parking lot about 4 hours before the show (traffic wasn't so bad after all) so we took a quick little car nap. Mom & Dad love a good car nap. They're old like that.

We met up with Mom's BFF, Tia.

And her husband, Shaun. He's from England. Another English couple (friends of Tia & Shaun) stopped by. They drank a beer or two. And talked about soccer. Or futball. Because that's what people from England do. And that's what my dad does. English people + my dad = Lots of soccer talk.

I stayed in the car with my book.

But it was pretty hot in there.

So I got out to cool off.

And my mom took pictures. Cause that's what my mom does.

One hour til showtime. Time to head over to the stadium. I've never been here with a crowd. I've only been here for soccer. Soccer doesn't draw a big crowd around these parts. I don't know why. I LOVE IT! (that was sarcasm folks)

We're in! Putting my ticket away for safe keeping.

Up we go on the escalator.

Up, Up, Up. Did I mention that our seats are kinda high?
Here's our little corner of the stadium. We're up pretty high, but the stage looks really cool.

Hot dogs! Woohoo!

Mom wanted me to let you know there was a mullet sighting (or two) but she only got one picture.

My mom thought this was a pretty picture, so I thought I'd share.

Hanging out with dad.

Muse is starting. Because Mom & Dad are old, they have never heard of them before, but of course being the cool kid I am, I have. They were pretty good. Even Mom & Dad thought so.

It's getting dark. In between acts, Mom breaks out her camera again. Because that's what she does.

Smoke coming from the Spaceship. Show must be starting soon.

Counting down!

I'm excited!

Once the lights go down, Mom can't get any good shots of the band. So here's my dad singing along. He knows every word to every U2 song ever! He's cool.

About 4 songs in, I'm getting tired.

Mom's arm looks comfy.

It is.

...and I'm OUT!

Here I am during one of the greatest rock anthems of all times, Sunday Bloody Sunday.

I woke up for the encore. And even sang along.

Inappropriate couple in front of us. Ewww!

I wish I hadn't seen that. Why did I wake up?!

Shows over. Daddy is good at maneuvering through the crowd to get to the car FAST!!! Good thing Mom's camera battery died when she took this picture, so she didn't slow us down.

Even though I slept through over half of it, I know it was a great show! My mom & dad are the greatest parents EVER for taking me! :)

Now, I'm excited to go to my sister's soccer game. NOT!

But at least I have a cool shirt to wear.



Megan said...

Dr. Brother, you make me smile. Sweet shirt :)

Kasey said...

That Ben, falling asleep. Reminds me of the old days... U2 is an awesome first concert though!

Amy C said...

Bring it Gators :-) I love friendly competition!!! You're comment out a huge smile on my face :-) Congrats on tonights win...can't wait for the SEC champ. game :-)
BTW...I love the post from your son!! 1st concerts are the coolest experience!

Bethany said...

That concert looks like a lot of fun! What a great first concert :)

Denyse said...

What a great "first concert" experience! Loved your take on it, Ben =)