Monday, October 19, 2009

Polls Schmolls

First of all, it seems like Facebook & I have kissed & made up. Whew! I now can keep tabs on all my friends again.

Now on to matters at hand. Ms. Amy C., was so kind to point out in my comments that her Crimson Tide moved up to #1 in the rankings, dropping the Gators to #2. Not so fast, my friend. Not so fast! The Gators are still #1 in the BCS poll. So BOO-YAH! Plus, can your Crimson Tide do this?!

I thought not.

Happy Monday!


Mammatalk said...

I'm on the outs with Facebook myself. :+)

Amy C said...

Over my dead, cold body they will :-) ROLL TIDE!!!! We both had a close game day!!!
Thanks for the cute boys compliment :-) You make some pretty babies, too.