Sunday, October 18, 2009

Oh Facebook, why has thou forsaken me?!

Something is wrong with my Facebook account. As of 10:00 this morning, I hadn't had any status updates from my friends since 10:52am yesterday.

I knew they were all heading out yesterday morning to soccer games, garage sales, football games, Octoberfests & cheerleading competitions. I knew some of them had kids going to homecoming. I know many of them are Gator fans & would be posting updates about the sad state of affairs that was most of football game yesterday. I NEEDED TO KNOW WHAT MY FRIENDS HAD TO SAY!!!

I spent most of the last night & this morning obsessively refreshing & logging in & out of my Facebook account. For a few minutes about 1/2 hour ago, I had a breakthrough. I now know that Joanne's daughter's soccer team was playing on a short field & that the goalie scored a goal off of a punt. I found out that Debbie's daughter & Lori's son both went to their first homecoming dances (same dance, but not together). I learned that Kyra's son's football team lost their game but that the parents on the team really enjoyed the wonderful weather at the game. Ana's got a soccer game at 1 today (WAR EAGLE!), Kori's sons had a Halloween party. Such exciting lives my friends lead & I was getting to read all about it! YEAH ME!!!

After I looked at Lori's kids' homecoming pictures (gorgeous!)I went back to my Facebook "Home" & THEY WERE ALL GONE AGAIN!!! I'm so sad, I can't even explain. Was Laura's garage sale successful? Will I ever get to see Karin's football & Octoberfest pictures (I love love love her pictures!)? Is Shelly going to see her daughter at college after she makes breakfast, goes to church, makes lunches, does laundry, goes grocery shopping, cooks dinner & saves the world? Will I ever know again?!

Oh, I hope so! Or I may just have to join a self-help group.