Thursday, August 21, 2008

Mission. Accomplished.

It's done. Megan is spending her first night at UF tonight; we are spending the night in Brandon, two hours away. All in all, the day went really well, considering we were originally supposed to take her up yesterday, but UF canceled check-in Wednesday due to Fay. Of course, yesterday the weather was overcast but generally fine, as opposed to today when Fay was turning around to make her 3rd landfall heading west toward Gainesville. Thankfully, we got there early and only had to deal with sprinkles as we were unloading her things. Later the weather turned pretty bad, lots of sideways rain & wind. Michael was really great, always running to get the car while Megan & I stayed under shelter until he pulled the car up as we ran a few last minute errands around town.

Despite the weather, we were all in a great mood all day. Megan's excitement about being on campus was contagious and Michael & I were able to really appreciate what a great opportunity this is for her. We had a great lunch at "The Swamp", a local restaurant just off-campus & spent the afternoon getting her room put together. By the time we had to head home, the weather was getting really bad & I just had time for a quick hug & kiss before I had to race out the car that Michael had pulled up to the curb...and me having to run (against the wind) was good for such a laugh that Michael & I didn't have to allow ourselves to be sad. (On a side note, Jordan's team has a soccer training session at UF next Saturday, so we will see Megan again in just over a week...that helped!)
Here are some pictures of our day, although I don't think they do justice for how cute her dorm turned out:

Here are Megan & Ben this morning. We headed to Gainesville right after we dropped Ben at school.

Megan peeking over her "stuff" before we pulled out of the driveway.

Right after check-in before we unloaded her things. Her roommate, Erika, had already moved her things in.


Michael, working on Megan's internet connection.
Another sidenote: USA! USA! USA! The Women's National Soccer Team beat Brazil this morning to win the Olympic Gold Medal! While this would be very big news to our soccer obsessed family anyway, this morning's win was especially sweet,as it secured the coveted top spot in Andy's Olympic Soccer Pool to Michael! Congratulations honey!

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