Sunday, August 31, 2008

long weekend.

So, this is the first Labor Day weekend in 7 years (!!!) that we aren't at a soccer tournament. In fact, over the last 7 years, we haven't had many (maybe one other) 3 day weekends that weren't soccer tournament weekends. When you get into competitive soccer, you have to know going in that Memorial Day, Labor Day and MLK Day all belong to Soccer. Many Spring Breaks, Thanksgiving Breaks & Christmas Breaks have also been lost to the Almighty Soccer. I've complained a lot about it through the years, but I will miss is when it's gone...

Although we didn't have a soccer TOURNAMENT (where we get to stay in a hotel & enjoy adult beverages by the pool with other parents in the evenings), Jordan did have a soccer GAME (where we get to get up at 4:45am to leave the house at 5:30am to drive 2 hours & to drive home again that evening in the RAIN) at UF. Kind of an exhibition game in front of the UF coaches in this prime recruitment year. This was also opening college football weekend and the UF coaches gave each of the girls & their parents tickets to the football game. (GO GATORS!!!) Megan wasn't able to get student tickets to the game and, since not all of the girls had both parents going, we were lucky enough to be score 2 extra tickets for Megan & Ben.

Never having gone to a college football game, I was very excited and even got Ben (he who hates the heat & is not too interested in sports) excited about it. I did not realize, however, that our tickets were in, not only the STUDENT section of The Swamp, but in the student ATHELETE section. Because of circumstances out of our control, we didn't get to our seats until after kick off and "others" were already in our seats (or rather, in front of our bleacher) when we got there. As we pushing our way to our spots, a LOVELY Florida Track Bi-otch expressed, rather loudly that this was the STUDENT ATHELETE section and we were NOT student athletes. Needless to say, she is very lucky that Ben was with me because I very much had to restrain myself from pushing her down the bleachers, ending her STUDENT ATHLETE career (Michael says this would have made her eligible for the gymnastics program, as she went tumbling...haha! Anyway, I digress...) It was hot & we had been rained on & I was angry & Ben really wasn't interested in the game so he & I took off & explored the campus while the rest of the family stayed on to watch the Gators CRUSH Hawaii (56-10). Ben & I ended up having a great time & he really LOVES the campus & is already envisioning himself there, 8 years from now... we'll see if he changes his mind next week when we travel to Tallahassee and sees the FSU campus.

As a was great to see Megan! College life really seems to be agreeing with her. She looked great and seems really happy...and she & her friends all LOVED the goodies from Gramma Tiss. We weren't so much sad to say goodbye as jealous we had to get back to real life.

On this Sunday of the 3 day weekend, Michael & Jordan are off to Disney to watch the soccer tournament we are usually attending... they really can never get enough soccer. Ben & I stayed home & watched the Discovery Channel & VH1 Classic (80 hours of the 80's, Baby!). I've also wasted hours reading blogs of random people I've never met... fascinating stuff. I'm not being sarcastic, it was really fun. I will order pizza soon & call it a completely wasted day.

I haven't talked it over with Michael yet, but hopefully we will get some things done around the house tomorrow... or he & Jordan will be heading back to Orlando. I'll keep you posted.

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Katie said...

Well...I'll be...I am signing on to post a new entry on my blog and I have a new thingymebob that tells me that there is someone following my blog. And I clicked on it - and it was you! And you aren't even related to me! I am touched! I am flattered! I think you have given me writers block now!! I'm not worthy...I'm not worthy...

And your kids are all so freaking cute. I mean, okay, they are older kids so I am supposed to say something better - they are so radical. No? They are da bomb. Better? They look like fun. Best kind of kids ever, in my opinion!