Sunday, September 28, 2008

Weekend in a Nutshell

I must prefice this post by saying that I grew up in a sports-free household. My dad was a Cubs fan back before the strike in 1972 & I attempted to play basketball for one season when I was 10, but other than that, the one sporting event we watched was the Superbowl, and that was really just to watch the commercials & the half-time show.

Keeping that in mind, this was my weekend...
1. BOO!!! FSU soccer lost to Virginia 1-0.
2. YEAH!!! Jordan's soccer team won 2-1. They seem to finally be coming together as a team, especially in the 2nd half.
3. YEAH!!! The Rays won the AL East. I still don't really follow baseball, but ya have to be happy when the home team does well, right?! Even my Michael, a life-long Red Sox fan is happy for them (just don't tell his mom).
4. BOO!!! Tim Tebow & the Gators lost to Ole Miss 31-30. We were at Jordan's game & couldn't watch, but we were heartbroken as we were getting updates on the sideline.
5. YEAH!!! The Bucs beat the Packers 30-21. Gotta love that Bucs defense!!!
6. YEAH!!! FSU soccer beat Virginia Tech 3-1. This game was supposed to be on on TV, we DVRed it while we were at the in-laws, but the stupid Marlins/Mets game was on instead... needless to say, Jordan is NOT a happy camper. It is also scheduled to be on at midnight, they BETTER NOT disappoint or they will have a very ticked off 16 year old to deal with.

So, all in all, take the 2 YEAHS (thats 4 YEAHs - 2 BOOs) add in some reasonably pleasant (for Florida) September weather, a super happy (for personal reasons) daughter in college, a yummy dinner at Bahama Breeze (paid for with gift certificates! woohoo!), a pleasant visit with the in-laws, the Amazing Race & a glass of wine. Right now, I'd have to say life is pretty good.

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Joanne said...

Two observations from an outsider:
1. Red Sox .. omg! He was my favorite treasurer. Now his credibility is at stake! JK...won't hold it against him.
2. Yeah for Jordan's team. Rachael's team is also known as the 2nd half team. And I'm getting kinda tired over stressin about the 1st half!