Monday, February 23, 2009

I am the Champion!

I am the champion! Oh yes, I am the champion of Trivia Pursuit Junior. I am so proud.

Yesterday, Michael, Ben & I had a marathon TPJ session. In order to be crowned champion, I had to answer so many difficult questions, such as, get this:
  • Which soccer position may touch the ball with his hands, on the field?
  • What does a tadpole turn into?
  • What holiday falls on the fourth Thursday in November?
My son is a very smart boy. He knows the answers to such questions as:
  • What does the bird say in the poem "The Raven"?
  • Who was the Roman demigod best known for his strength?
  • What's the aurora borealis more commonly called?
However, he didn't get to answer those questions, instead he was asked such questions as:
  • What toy company produces Barbie dolls?
  • What is a chronometer?
  • What fireproof material is now thought to be a cause of lung cancer?
Poor kid. But I'm sure he'll kick my butt next time.

(p.s. Michael would've beat me if his last question wasn't about the 7 Dwarves. Hi-ho!)


Mammatalk said...

I get my butt kicked every time I play that game. Speaking of butt kicking, this Bloggy Joggy thing is sure working me over today! I am exhausted! :-) Thanks for your support!

Ben said...

I had had a question that said what is a chonometer the by the way its a clock.