Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I can see the floor!

Okay, I'm ALMOST done with the boy's room. The big stuff is done, but now I'm left with the dribs & drabs that I don't quite know what to do with. It's those dribs & drabs that do me in EVERY time... I always run out of steam at the end (and who could blame me after 12 HOURS working on it).

When I was a kid & my room was in desperate need of a good cleaning (which, honestly was most of the time), but when it would become a health hazard & my mom could stand it no more, I would come home from school to find everything that had been on my floor on top of my bed. I would have to clean it off or sleep on the floor. This worked for me. I think otherwise, I never knew where to start. Unfortunately, Ben has a loft bed & his room is too small for me to pile everything in the middle, so in order to organize, I had to take all of his toys into the family room to sort through & sorted through the books in his room. So the dribs & drabs I have to deal with are in the family room. I think I can finish if I work diligently for an hour or so. I just don't know if I have an hour to spare today... or tomorrow. And the kids are off for "Fair Day" on Friday, not that we ever go to the fair.

Overall though, I think I've finally gotten rid of enough stuff that he'll be able to keep this up. He was really willing to get rid of quite a bit, but was really adamant about stuff that was important to him. I think he made some really good decisions and I'm really proud.

Now if only Jordan & I could learn to be so reasonable, I think my clutter problem may be solved. :)


WPMomOf2 (jen) said...

unfortunately jmy kids are too youn gto get the concept of "cleaning" but I try to get them to help!

Kasey said...

When my room got really bad my mom would go in to help clean up. But unfortunately her favorite tools were black garbage bags. Many a time I had to "earn" back my things and if I didn't earn them back fast enough they ended up in the trash.