Friday, February 13, 2009

Morning Movie Etiquette...

I got to get my morning movie fix this morning. I went to see...

I enjoyed it much more than I expected to. I think it's one of those movies I could watch several times, along the lines one of my favorite movies, Love Actually.

Morning movies are great for several reasons, among them:

1) Cheap ticket ($5 before noon)
2) Popcorn & Diet Coke for breakfast
3) Theater is usually pretty empty

Today, surprisingly, I was the first one in the theater, so I picked my favorite seat. Dead center of the theater. By the time the movie started, there were 8 other people in the theater... 3 women DIRECTLY(!) in front of me, a couple IN MY ROW 2 seats to my right & a group of 3 people IN MY ROW 2 seats to my left. WTF?! This was a large, stadium style theater. I KNOW I had prime real estate, but as a general rule, if you get to a theater with only 1 person in it, DO NOT SIT IN THE ROW OF, DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF OR DIRECTLY BEHIND THAT ONE PERSON! Oh yeah, and when you DO sit down, no matter how many people are in the theater, please do so gently and without sound effects. No woman in her mid-forties needs to PLOP into a chair with an OOOMPF!

Yeah, I know, I got to go to a movie on a Friday morning, I shouldn't complain...

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CynthiaK said...

Thanks for the review. I liked Love Actually so I should check this one out!

Thanks for stopping by Crumbs! Hope you get all of your doorknobs back onto your bathroom doors! ;-)