Monday, December 29, 2008

100th post

Sorry I haven't been keeping up with the blog lately. I've been stymied by 2 things: 1) The holidays, obviously~ we've had a lot of fun with family & friends, still have "Christmas" with my parents on New Year's Day. 2) This is my 100th post... gotta make it good, right?! I guess this blog has become part of the family, what with a "birthday" within 3 days of a holiday, just like my kiddos...

I wanted to do some kind of "100 List" for this post & I think I've posted enough random facts for a lifetime, so I Googled "100 Things" for inspiration as to what type of list to post & found out that there's a movement to limit your personal belongings to 100 things... I can see the beauty in that, because I am in a constant state of trying to simplify our lives, but I don't think I could ever accomplish it. I'm not including humans or animals in my list, but I'm going to try to think of 100 things I couldn't (or wouldn't want to) live without...

1. Computer w/ internet access (Duh!)... this contains all my digital photos, address book & recipes, so it covers a lot of bases

2. My camera (w/accessories...SD card, battery charger, etc.)

3. Refrigerator

4. Washer/Dryer (I'm counting them as a single item now, may change that as I go along)

5. An automobile

6. My cell phone

7. 2-Ply Toilet paper (I'm just brainstorming here)

8. Oven/Stove

9. My glasses (or my camera, computer & automobile would be useless, I'm legally blind w/o them)

10. A pair of tennis shoes

11. A pair of flip flops (a pair of shoes only counts as 1 item, in my book)

12. Shorts

13. Shorts

14. Shorts

15. A pair of jeans (I live in FL, no need to overdo the pants thing)

16. T-shirt

17. T-shirt

18. T-shirt

19. T-shirt

20. Gators sweatshirt

21. Noles sweatshirt (house divided & all)

22. Underwear ( As many as I want, I'm only counting them as 1)

23. A dress

24. A pair of capris

25. A pair of dressy sandals

26. Shampoo

27. Conditioner (I ran out this morning in the shower, it didn't go well... I NEED conditioner)

28. Soap

29. A buff or washcloth

30. A set of my big fluffy towels

31. My Temperpedic mattress (How I CRAVE it when we're out of town)

32. A good set of knives

33. My jumbo Circulon Skillet

34. My Pampered Chef Baking Stone

35. At least one big wine glass ( I LOVE my red wine in my big glass)

36. A good picture of Michael & I together (those are few & far between, he's super notsomuch!)

37, My parents' wedding picture

38-40. 3 photo albums, each featuring the best pics of each of my kids through the years. ( I really need to put some of those together)

41. Lipstick

42. Socks

43. TV w/ cable & a DVR (I'm counting those as 1 also...sue me!)

44. The throne (my super duper soccer chair with a cooler in one of the's really cool, but heavy)

45. A baseball cap

46. My Nike Golf umbrella

47. My Pampered Chef garlic press

48. My ipod

49. A good set of earphones for said ipod (I haven't found any yet...they all hurt my ears)

50. A good docking station for ipod (so I can share my favorite tunes with the world)

51. My engagement/wedding rings

52. My gold cross I got for my confirmation in 1984. I still wear it almost daily

53. My HS yearbooks, I still love to look through them a few times a year

54. A Dobie sponge for hand washing dishes (I've tried other sponges, but IMO Dobie is superior)

55. Britney, my hairbrush (Yes, as in Britney Spears... it's an old hairbrush the girls got as part of a Britney Spears hairbrush/comb set way back when... I really liked the brush & now it belongs to me)

56. My Sonicare toothbrush (& charger) & toothpaste

57. My "mac n cheese" casserole dish. (It's both my girls' favorite meal...Ben won't eat it... I always make it in the same boring brown nothingspecial casserole dish, which both of my girls want to inherit, so I guess I better keep it)

58. Our U-G-L-Y but comfy Bucs blanket (It's that black super fluffy velour...ugly as sin, but we all fight over it when it's cold)

59. My Fiskar's paper trimmer

60. A good pair of scissors

61. My all in 1 printer/scanner

62. Love, Actually DVD

63. The Nativity set my grandmother bought Michael & I for our first Christmas

64. My cooking utensil "bucket" & all of it's contents

65. Our gas grill

66. Our gas grill accessory cantainer & all of it's contents

67. A library card (I rarely go to the library now, but if I only had 100 possessions, I would definitely need one)

68. A good pillow

69. Mousse

70. My curling iron

71. Ironing board/Iron (shouldn't have to waste 2 items on ironing, for goodness sake, so I will bundle them)

72. My stadium chair (save the buns!)

73. Razor

74. Tweezers

75. Gloves (yes, I know I live in FL, but I sit through some cold soccer games)

76. Bible

77. External hard drive (to save all my pics & recipes)

78. Niquil (a must have when I'm sick)

79. Ibuprophen

80. Lotion

81. A set of dishes

82. A set of drinking glasses

83. Deck of cards

84. Deck of cards (our favorite games call for 2 decks)

85. Trivial Pursuit (at least a set of the cards, for funnsies)

86. A clip on reading light (the one we bought Ben for his bday has come in really handy, the light part is really bendable & lights tight spaces)

87. A Nintendo Gameboy

88. Tetris for the Gameboy

89. A watch

90. A hammer

91. A Phillips-head screwdriver (I'm oh-so-handy, doncha know?)

92. A regular screwdriver (is there another name for that?)

93. My Vera Bradley little wallet thingy & all its contents

94. Pony-tail holders (!!!)

95. An apron (I've already told you I'm the world's messiest cook, if I'm dealing with a limited wardrobe, the apron would be a must)

96. Sunscreen

97. My leather jacket

98. My little red notebook (I use this for my lists... things to do, grocery, ideas, etc)

99. MyLife.doc notebook the girls gave me for Christmas... I need to get to work on that

100. A good pen

Two days later... I've finally finished my list. I'm sure I could've done a little better with it, but I wanted to post SOMETHING before my mother starts nagging me. *Hi Mom!* Hope I didn't put you to sleep.

I should be back to my normal, bloggy self soon.


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Jen said...

yea, congrats Beth. 100, WOW!!! I own many tee shirts myself, ha, must be a "mom" thing. Many wishes for a Happy and Healthy 2009 :)

Joanne said...

Do you remember me ??? LOL ...
So on my list I would also have my wedding rings, lipstick, flip flops, nintendo ds and tetris .. Way to go.... 100 posts !! I better get my bottom moving cause catching up fast !!