Friday, December 19, 2008

Boy! I needed that!

This morning I woke a feeling a little better, but I'm still pretty stressed out. After I got the laundry started, emptied the dishwasher, showered, wrapped the teacher's gifts, made Ben breakfast & took Ben to school, I took a few minutes to check in with my bloggy friends. Katie had a link to this. Which totally made me happy. I had seen it last year, but had forgotten about it. Then I went to Kimba's blog & got a dose of EXACTLY what I needed. All over the blog-o-sphere, I've seen beautiful pictures of everyone's homes decorated to the nines... while I still had concrete floors. Not good for the self-esteem.

While I feel better, I still need to get some decorating done & Jordan's got a game an hour away at 2, so no time to dawdle...

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Nilsa said...

The holidays shouldn't be stressful, but they really are a crazy time of year. So glad some of your blogging favorites were able to give you a little peace of mind. Yay