Thursday, December 18, 2008

7 Days & Counting

8 days until THE BIG DAY and I am waiting for the carpet installers to arrive at my doorstop any minute now. Seriously. A few months ago we had a leak in our A/C & it ruined our floors. We pulled up the ruined flooring (faux wood laminate) & have been living with some exposed concrete in our hall... Michael & I are a wee bit indecisive (you so don't want to be in a car with us when we are trying to decide where to eat when we are out of town, or in town for that matter), so we have been debating what to do.

The flooring we had was discontinued (of course) and the hall leads into the family room, which leads into the dining room. The way the floorplan is laid out, it was hard to find a good transition point where we could keep our old (2 year old) flooring for at least a portion of it. We finally decided we had to replace it all & we would go back to carpet. We ordered the carpet the day after Thanksgiving, thinking we would get it in in a week or so, but between our 2 weekends out of town & trying to catch our saleman on his rare non day off, we have had to wait until today to have installed.

Problem is, due to the large area being carpeted, I have not decorated for Christmas yet, AT ALL! Oh yeah, & I'm not even close to being done with my shopping. And I haven't wrapped one thing. And the kids will be home after tomorrow. And Jordan's high school team [Pardon the interuption... Mickey Rourke is on the Today Show... FA-REAK!!!] is in a tournament this weekend. And Jordan's BFF is coming from Chicago to stay with us on Monday through Christmas morning. And one of our friends from the old soccer gang is in town for the holidays, so I want to have the gang over for a get together before next Sunday.

Every year, I swear it will be different, yet every year I'm a crazed maniac in Full Bah Humbug Mode. This is not what I want the holidays to be. I just want to get things done early so I can relax & enjoy my family & friends and remember the reason for the season, yet it never happens until Christmas morning. Next year...

Sorry, I didn't mean to lay this bummer blog post out there into the blog-o-sphere, I just needed to vent a little... I'll be better when my carpet is down & I can just get started...

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