Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Toothless Guy & A Bud

On Christmas morning at the in-laws', we did our 2nd Annual White Elephant Gift Exchange, where you can either choose an unwrapped gift or steal from someone else...

Michael's mom, Chris got "To Do" tatoos for her hand & a rubber band shooter.
Jordan got "the Cooties"

David got "Chia Bart"

Nannie got some hot cocoa mix (whew!)

Ben was SUPER EXCITED to get a jumbo Remote Control (too bad we can't figure out how to work it)

Michael's stepfather, Jim opened an insult button. That was really funny & as Ben says, "Inappropriate". The adults had to go into another room to listen to it. :)

I got this adorable sock monkey.

Electronic Blackjack for Meg.

Jenny like her commemorative Obama plate.

Michael stole the insult button from Jim, so Jim ended up with the windup chasing Nuns instead.

Last but not least, Michael's brother, Rob got a Redneck's Took Kit (duct tape, super glue & WD-40). This was actually something I put together. I was pretty impressed with myself when I came up with the idea at Walgreen's on Christmas Eve morning. I'm thinking I had to have heard this idea somewhere, but I don't know where, so I'm going to claim it as my own, for now. I made this cute little scrapblog picture as "cover art" for it.

Nothing says Christmas like a toothless guy & a Bud.
Note: Michael's family are NOT rednecks. Although they live in the south now, they are actually Yankee transplants from Massachusetts. I don't want anyone to get the wrong idea.


Jen said...

that is funny!!!

Anonymous said...

I was sad about the remote :(. JK

hobby ho

I dont need to say my name do I

Joanne said...

OMG! Rachael got the same remote. It took me forever to program it.
PS Hobby ho: Have your mom take you to Walgreens and get a new one!