Thursday, December 18, 2008

Carpet peeps

Okay, what do you do when there are workmen (or women) taking up the majority of your house? Do you putter? Follow them around? Watch TV? Surf the net? The carpet installers have been here since just after 9. It's just after 2 now. I can't get to my kitchen or laundry. So I have spent the day in front of the TV with my computer on my lap. I've watched Regis, Private Practice, The View & P.S. I Love You. I'm all caught up on my bloggy friends, my Facebook friends & my emails. I've earned 2 "Badges" on I have a fairly small house. They are carpeting 2 rooms, a (very small) linen closet & a hallway. What is taking so freaking long?! I have so much to do!!! Starting with a shower...

But I really like the carpet.

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