Thursday, December 11, 2008


I've been tagged by Joanne...

The rules are simple.

1. Show the icon on your blog
2. Tag seven people to partake in the fun times (or in my case, 4)
3. List 10 random things about yourself.

Here goes it:

1. All 3 of my kids were born within 3 days of a holiday. Megan was 3 days after Valentine's Day, Jordan 2 days after New Year's & Ben was 2 days before Thanksgiving.
2. Last year, I waited until Michael & the kids were asleep, then drove myself to the hospital when I was having a gall bladder attack. I had "diagnosed" myself using WebMD, but didn't want anyone to lose sleep if I was wrong. I was right & had surgery the next morning. I had left Michael a note & called him when I was being admitted.
3. I'm too busy for Christmas this year. I think it should be postponed a month or so.
4. I would love to be a photographer when I grow up.
5. I love to cook, but I am an absolute SLOB in the kitchen. You can tell when dinner is done because I have dirtied every bowl & utensil I own & you can't find the counter top.
6. Michael usually cleans the kitchen after dinner. :)
7. My favorite movies are Love Actually & 3 Weddings and a Funeral. I can watch them over & over... although I don't think the "movie making" couple in Love Actually needed to be included. I would love to watch it with my girls, but that would be awkward.
8. I love the sunshine & get very depressed on rainy days like today.
9. I've never had an athletic bone in my body. In 6th grade, we played volleyball in P.E. practically the whole year & I always "over served" and the ball would go behind me. Eventually, the coach stopped trying to correct me & just had me turn around and serve with my back to the net.
10. My husband was in my P.E. class in 6th grade & remembers that perhaps even more vividly than I do.

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Jill said...

Your volleyball story is SO funny. I DON'T like playing sports either. I used to get my mom to write me an excuse for P.E. I can't believe she actually did it... over and over.

kelly bee said...


About Love Actually...wait for it to be on TV sometime and it will be an edited version! My little Gamer loves Bridget Jones!!

Joanne said...

Your crazy .... Drove yourself to the hospital ... Seriously?? What did Michael say when he woke up? I'm needing a followup post!