Sunday, October 5, 2008

Easy Rider! pt. 3

He did it! This is just a little footage of Ben riding Michael's bike just in front of our house, but he rode all the way around the block shortly after! According to Michael, he was really booking it, but then he over-corrected right into Michael... resulting in a father/son tumble in the street, a knee & hand that were "bleeding heavily" (not really) & a possible broken toe for dad. Ooops! He was done for the day after that. We're going to have to go bike shopping, his bike is too small & Michael's is too big. Once he gets on a bike that fits him well I think he'll be off & riding!

Way to go Ben and most of all, way to go Michael! His super patience really helped and it was a really good thing he's been doing a lot of running lately, because Ben really put him through a workout!

We're off to a friend's house soon to cook out & watch some the Bucs & the Rays... who's bright idea was it to have both of these games on a the EXACT same time?!

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