Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Various updates.

Jordan had a great time time at the dance. Of course, she didn't take any sweaty dancing pictures so I'm going to have to take her word for it that she actually danced, but she said she did so I'll take her word for it.

Jordan's game this weekend got postponed until tonight, but we managed to go to 2 soccer games anyway. How pathetic are we?! Saturday we watched her old team (that she was on for 5 years) play against a team that was comprised of a lot of players from the team she played with last year. It was fun watching so many kids we know & seeing their parents, many of who are great friends & who we miss very much. Sunday was a beautiful day (almost sweater weather, but not quite. Actually, not really close, but it wasn't unbearably hot, so we enjoyed it), so we decided to get out of the house the only way we know how... we went to a soccer game. We went to watch the local college girls play. Unfortunately, the home team lost, but all in all it was a really nice day.

I'm so glad the Rays are in the World Series, but GEEZ! I am so tired after staying up til after midnight watching those games. I hadn't planned on getting so involved in the whole thing, but I am. I'm looking forward to getting a good night's sleep tonight so I can stay up to watch the games... goodness knows I need it because I was CRANKY yesterday! Michael could barely stand me & I don't blame him because I could barely stand myself.

Megan is coming home this weekend. :) YEAH! She's coming in on Thursday night, so I think she's going to join me for a Friday morning... I'm looking forward to it.

I'll try to post a more coherent post tomorrow...this one is all over the place, but hopefully that good night's sleep will help me make some sense.


Mickly said...

I can always stand you! I love you!

Amy said...

Hey, Beth! Yes, I certainly did read your blog until I lost the link a while ago -- it is now bookmarked forever on my desktop. So glad to hear that you found the pictures of the boys, and of course I would have sent duplicates! Anyway, the blog is fun to read and full of great info on the kiddos.