Saturday, October 4, 2008

Easy Rider

The best blogs I've read are somewhat anonymous, which helps the blogger be able to be a little more open about things going on in their (& their kids') lives. All 3 readers of my blog know me IRL, but I have a confession to make...

My almost 11 year old son doesn't know how to ride a bike. Most of the weekends in his life have been spent at the soccer field, summers here in FL are sooo hot that we rarely spend time outside unless it's in a pool & honestly, he really hasn't shown much interest. He has outgrown 2 bikes already without ever riding them on his own. Every couple of years Michael spends a free weekend morning outside trying to teach him, but it usually ends up in frustration on both their parts. Most of the time it doesn't really matter that he doesn't ride, but once in awhile a neighbor kid will come by to play & if Ben sees that he rode his bike over, Ben will make an excuse and stay inside by himself. It makes me sad.

Anyway, today is one of those free weekend mornings. Michael & Ben just ran to Sports Authority to buy a new bicycle pump. Please, DEAR GOD, help my guys get through this together and let Ben feel the joys of the wind rushing through his hair as he pedals away by himself. I guess it'll be more like let him hear wind rushing by his helmet, but whatever. You get the point.

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