Friday, October 10, 2008

Fun Friday.

The garage is clean :) Michael has today off too, so he's joining me for a Friday morning movie, then we're going to lunch. (No lunch out yesterday) Tonight I'm going to Kristen's house for a Girls Night with some old high school friends (no, they aren't old, I've just known them for a long time). Kristen is making some of her sangria...YUM! I'm not usually a sangria gal, but she makes it extra yummy.

Tomorrow Jordan has an 8am game...about an hour from home. Ben's 5th grade class is meeting at the movie theater to watch City of Ember, which is based on a book they've been reading in class, at 11:30. Normally, I hate to miss her games, but in this case I'm glad to be going to the movie. The game is part of a tournament, so I'll be able to get my soccer fix later
Saturday afternoon & Sunday morning. I'm also excited that I get to borrow my dad's mac daddy camera this weekend to take pictures of her games. Hopefully, I'll have some good ones to share

Have a great weekend everyone & GO RAYS, GATORS & BUCS!!!

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Joanne said...

Do you really go to movies on Friday mornings? That sounds so wonderful...