Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Nerd Day.

Today is Nerd Day at the high school. This is the same outfit Jordan wore last year, except this year the glasses are real. I think the dress is part of the Mary Kate & Ashley collection from the little girls section at Wal-Mart. It came with a long sleeve mock turtle neck with ruffles on the sleeves, but that was "too" nerdy. Apparently she can only be a "cute" nerd.

If she gets dress code today, I will not be going to the school, as I suggested that she may want to put on a pair of shorts underneath. I was given the "idiot mom" glare, which means she is on her own with this one.

BTW, I hadn't realized that dress code violation=referral. Not cool. Apparently, the Dress Code Nazi was on a rampage that day... I guess she thinks that Spirit Week is a distraction from the education process. Whatev! Thankfully, one of Jordan's teacher's saw the whole thing go down & the dress code violation has been "taken care of". Sometimes it pays off to be a good kid. And she is a good kid, despite the "idiot mom" glare.

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