Friday, November 7, 2008


So tonight I'm supposed to video tape Jordan's high school soccer game for the coach. This morning I got out the camcorder to make sure it's charged (it isn't) but the charger isn't in the bag (of course, remember my organizational skills?). Anyway, I remembered where I had last charged the darn thing so I go the basket under the TV and VIOLA! there is a Sony charger in there. I was so proud of myself! I went to plug it in, but the "male" part of the charger wouldn't fit into the "female" part of the camcorder... AAAARGH!!!!

Surprisingly, I actually have a bin full of chargers & cords, most of which are in ziploc bags & labeled with what they belong to. I checked there, nothing for the Sony.

So I spent about an hour tearing the house apart (sound familiar?) looking for the damn thing. No luck. The contents of my junk drawer are strewn all over my kitchen. (I really need to sort through it all, but that ain't happening today). My various camera cases (from my film cameras) are strewn all over my bed. (I guess they go right back to the cabinet before Michael gets home).

I'm really at my wit's end. So I go back to the kitchen and decide to try out the charger one more time... guess what?! I found another "female" hole on the camcorder & it fit perfectly!

Now time to find the mini DVDs to fit in the darn thing. Hmmmm... wish me luck!


Joanne said...

Crap like that happens all the time and then Erin reminds me that I'm technically challenged and I get mad and throw stuff :)

Jill said...

Hi Beth~

Clemson Girl just posted the swap partners. I'm your Christmas Decorations swap partner! Yay!

Email me when you get a chance and we can swap information. I wrote a little Christmas questionnaire that might help us get to know each other if you'd like. My email address is...