Thursday, November 13, 2008


Just so you know, I am an audio/visual genius.

Last night Michael & I sat down to catch up with our DVR, but when I went to find "The Office" from last week, it was gone. So were all the other shows we would watch together... unlike our old DVR, the new one will just erase old shows to record new ones when it's full, rather than letting you know it's full and not taping anything else. Well, this is prime college soccer playoff season and Jordan has the DVR set to tape EVERY possible game that is on... each game is 2 hours, so right now our DVR is practically college soccer only. Jordan watches these games over and over again. She watches at least one half of a game every morning before school and she often watches one in the evenings as she does her abs (no, she's not obsessed at all), so it's not like I blame her for having them on there, I just want to tape my stuff too.

Anyway, we used to have it set up so I could burn DVDs from the DVR to the DVR player, but sometime in the spring, I moved the TV & I never could figure out how to get them configured the right way again. Megan & I got most of the wires between the cable, tv & Wii connected (and labeled in case it happens again), but we only had picture, not sound from the DVR to the DVD. Michael was off today, so I asked him if he could help me out and it only took an hour & both of our brains, but, by George, I think we have it!!! :) I'm burning a game as we speak, or as I type rather... and just in time too, Thursday is prime DVR time!

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