Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A litte bit of this and a little bit of that.

Did you happen to catch Oprah today? I'm definitely going to try to get with the de-cluttering program... I need it! This afternoon, I even sent Ben into THE BLACK HOLE (a.k.a. his room) for 10 minutes armed with his 2 bags. He actually did pretty well, came up with more to give away than I would've thought. I need to get in there and grow his room up a little... get rid of some of his little boy toys, but he's my last little one and it makes me sad. He'll be 11 in less than 2 weeks! How is that possible?

Let's see, what else has been going on? Last night I made this for dinner & it was absolutely DELICIOUS! Michael brought the leftovers to work for lunch. Tonight is taco salad... taco salad is for days when I can't bring myself to make the effort to think of anything else to make. It's easy & everyone likes it. I actually just prep the meat & fixin's & everyone puts there own salad together the way they like it. Easy, peasy!

Saturday night we went to watch the US Women's Nat'l Soccer Team play at Tampa Stadium. These are Jordan's heroes. She follows this team pretty closely & her greatest dream is to play with them one day. Here are Jordan & Michael right after they let us into the stadium. This is the one picture I took before the batteries in my good camera died (AARGH!)

Here's a little video of the team warming up taken with my smaller camera I always keep in my purse, just in case...

See how they are running back & forth? Away from the crowd, then towards them again? I sent Michael & Jordan down closer to the sideline to get a picture of her with the team. This is what they came back with...

I guess they couldn't wait for the team to turn around. This is why I take most of the pictures in our family. But the game was exciting & we won! :)

In other news, Megan went to a concert over the weekend & got to meet the lead singer for the Plain White Ts. (you know, the Hey there Delilah guy). Here she is with her friend, Jana Cabeza. Actually, that's not her real name, but I've known (of) her for 4 years & thought it really was her name until about 6 months ago. (It was a duh Mom! moment)

I've only met 2 "celebrities" in my life. One was really famous and is a really funny story I'll save for later, the other was a celebrity in our world... Jeff Tweedy, lead singer for one of our favorite bands, Wilco, but no one ever seems to know who that is.

Anyway, I need to go get my no brainer dinner going, but thought I'd check in & say a little more than "hi."

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Jill said...

The Chicken Shepherd's Pie recipe looks SO good! I'll have to try that. I made sausage cheese balls for a party tonight. :)