Sunday, November 23, 2008

It's Love

I just got my Kenmore vacuum cleaner back from the vacuum repair shop. It stopped working a few years ago, but I had a spare (piece of crap) vacuum so I never bothered to have it fixed. When the p.o.c. died last week, I finally brought the Kenmore in. Thankfully it only needed to have to plug replaced. We picked it up yesterday & I just used it this morning. I forgot how much I LOVE THIS MACHINE!!! It just looks at dirt & the dirt runs away in fear. Hallelujah!

In other news, Jordan left yesterday for her trip to Coral Springs. So far, so good. She said their training session last night went really well. Right now we don't have plans to go down & watch her this year, but if they do well in their first 2 games, I imagine Michael will want to go down Friday to watch them play the Under 16 National Team. There are some super studly girls on her team this year from North Texas (they weren't there last year due to a scheduling conflict) so it might be fun to watch. I'm sure Megan & Ben would beg to differ though.

Megan is coming home on Tuesday for Thanksgiving weekend. It also happens to be Ben's 11th birthday. I can't wait!

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Jennifer said...

I am using a Kenmore vaccuum for years. I want to replace it (more for looks) but it still works damn good!