Thursday, November 20, 2008

My little guy

Dear Ben,

As to your request via the comments on my previous post, these your only hints, there won't be more...
1. The place we are going is in Central FL
2. The name of the place is 2 words
3. The name of the place contains at least one "E", yes "E", the most common letter in the English language
4. Your dad & I think you'll really like it. I mean REALLY like it. It might even spark a new obsession & we're willing to risk it.

Love you!


Anonymous said...

Dear Ben,

You are the most awesome son in the history of the world. Just the thought of you brings me the greatest joy.

Love you!

Jill said...

Hi Beth,

I'll be mailing your Christmas Swap package this weekend. Enjoy.


Joanne said...

Ben, sounds like something totally fun is planned .... you should tell your mom to let you make a post about it :)