Thursday, April 15, 2010

She's hooooome!

What a day! We woke up so excited to see our Meggie-Poo! I couldn't even let the fact that our router completely died that morning ruin my day...

Or the fact that our air-conditioner also decided to go on the fritz that afternoon... (we're in Florida people, even in April, A/C is a necessity).

Thankfully, by the time we went to the airport the A/C was fixed & the new router was on its' way via overnight shipping.

Can you read the excitement on Ben's face? He's bursting at the seams! ( I tried zooming in on Jordan's text, but no luck reading it, don't even bother)

And here she is! Wearing her hat from Portobello Road in London!

And so happy to have her mom's camera in her face after 16 hours of travel.

Here's where Ben starts telling her every detail of his life since Jan 27. :)

Welcome Home Megs! We've missed you!!!

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