Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Oh Spring!

Yeah, so remember yesterday when I was all "Spring!" "It's great!" "I love to be outside!"?! Well, today I'm keepin' it real.

We have a lovely (in this photo at least) oak tree in our front yard.

And tons of pollen on the ground.

And, for some reason, Spring in Florida brings lots of dead leaves.
Without the benefit of the beautiful hues of a northern Fall.

Every morning (& afternoon & evening) I see how my car & pollen have
really formed a tight bond.
And every time someone comes into the house, I get to sweep the foyer.
Good times. Good times.
*that being said, I AM MOST GRATEFUL that no one in my family has a pollen allergy. I know many people who are absolutely miserable this time of year, I'm just a little annoyed.

1 comment:

Patrick said...

I'm unfortunately allergic to pollen :(