Thursday, April 8, 2010


Great lunch today with an old friend. It really is sad how quickly you can loose touch with friends that you don't "have to" see often. Especially when they don't have a FB (nudge, nudge).

Anyway, got done with lunch & ran some errands. It was still too early to leave to get Ben, but I really didn't have time to go home & get anything accomplished. Then I remembered that I have Jane Eyre in the car that I'm supposed to be reading for book club. I've had a hard time getting into it, so I thought a forced hour of reading might do me some good. So, I make the 30 minute drive up to the school, park the car (first spot in the car line...SCORE!) & read for about 45 minutes or so. When my eyes started burning, I set the alarm on my phone & closed my them for a few minutes. (Oh! How I loooooove car naps!) So, I zonk out (seriously, I think there may have been drool involved) & wake up in time to hear the afternoon announcements over the intercom.

After about 5 minutes, Ben comes out & we get on on merry way, discussing his day & the Relay for Life event his school is having tomorrow. About 5 minutes into the drive home... I see it...

The Antennaed One! Staring at me with his antennae twitching. In the car! With me! For AT LEAST and hour & 1/2! While I was sleeping! With my mouth open! OMG!!!

I wasn't in a place where I could let him out & he was too big to squish, so I drove the rest of the way home, keeping one eye on the road & another on him & yet another on Ben who, in his bravery, was practically falling out the passenger door in an effort to get as far away from TAO as possible. Gotta love the chilvary of a 12 year old!

Anyway, we made it home safely & without any contact with TAO. I then set him free to live another day amongst the pollen.

He fared a lot better that this little flying friend I encountered while waiting for Ben at drum lessons last week.

I was able to capture one of this little guy's last living moments on my camera phone, just before I indavertantly squished him while trying to let him out my car window. R.I.P. Ladybug, R.I.P.

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