Saturday, April 17, 2010

Shopping Schmopping

...and just like that she's gone again! We dropped Megan off in G'ville last night so she could spend some time with her boy, look for a job & go to her fraternity's Spring banquet. She'll be back again next Friday. (2 hrs away for a week is MUCH preferable to across the Atlantic for 2.5 months, in my opinion).

After much back & forth, Jordan decided last night that she'd go to her prom after all. Prom coincides with her next round of State Cup, which is on the east coast, about 2 hrs. away. Thankfully this round is only 2 games & she won't have to miss a minute of game time. She'll play at 8a Saturday, we'll drive home after the game, do the prom thing & as long as they win Saturday, we'll drive back over for her 10:30a game Sunday. Piece of cake, huh? Oh! Did I mention that this is also Mother's Day Weekend? Easy Peasy!

Anyway, if you've ever met my middle child, you would know that the thought of prom dress shopping with her is frightening. I'm sure my sister-in-law is still wishing she had the 2 hours of her life back that we spent at a teeny tiny book store on Cape Cod when Jordan was 4 & Amy told her she could pick out any book. I KNOW I want the 4 hours back that we spent at Toys R Us on her 5th birthday when my mother-in-law thought it would be a good idea to let her pick out her own present. Oy vey!

Even Megan, my easy shopper, took about 2 weeks to find the perfect prom dress... but Jordan surprised me. We got to the mall at 10:40 & we were back in the car by noon!!! Dress in hand!!! (I need to confess here that she had tried on some dresses yesterday when she went to the mall with her friend & she already had one in mind, but she did try on others). Eventually, it came down to 2 choices and after about a 10 minute deliberation, she was able to pull the trigger. She picked out the dress she originally came for, without ANY tears, I might add. Which is more than I can say for the Toys R Us Excursion of 1997. SCORE!!!

Of course, we haven't even started looking for shoes...

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