Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Easily Sidetracked.

A few months ago, I bought some 8x10 I.KEA frames with 5x7 mats & made a nice photo arrangement in the hall. Unfortunately, the frames were too chunky & everyone in the family kept banging into them & knocking them off the wall. I replaced several of them when they broke apart, but eventually I just stopped replacing them as they fell & I was left with a sad, sad little wall.

We're supposed to have some visitors tomorrow. The sad, sad little wall needed some fixin'. Yesterday, I bought some thinner profile 8x10 frames at T.arget & today my plan was to spend about 5 minutes popping the old pictures out of the broken frames, putting them in the new frames & sticking them back on the wall. No biggie.

'Cept when I went to go pop them in the mats wouldn't fit in my new frames! Hello?! Okay. So I remembered I recently bought some really cute scrapbook paper I could use as "mats" for my pictures. Cool!

'Cept the paper was covered with really loud, vivid prints. And the photos were in color. They looked horrible together. Ugh. Okay, so I'll use Photoshop to make the photos B&W. Yeah!

'Cept I decided that since I was going to print out all new photos ANYWAY, I might as well swap some of them out, since there were a couple I wasn't too thrilled with in the first place & I knew I had at least one new one I wanted to include. Oh! and my in-laws just brought over a bunch of old family pictures for me to scan, when I'm done scanning my grandmother's old photos. Maybe I'll just peruse those really quickly to see if there's a photo I should include on my new wall!

'Cept 2 hours later, Michael & I were knee deep in his old family photos, I had nothing in the house for lunch & it was almost time for me to meet Jordan at the mall... I knew I was barely going to have time to edit & print any photos, much less scan any new ones. So... I quickly went through the photos I already had on my external hard drive & here's what I came up with...

This is one of my favorite photos of Ben & his cousin Jack on vacation in Georgia a few years ago.

Here's an oldie. I'm the baby here with my folks. One of my favorite picture of my mom especially.
Here are my in-laws on their property before their new house was built.

Michael with his siblings.

My kiddos with their other cousins, Chase & Bonnie.
Viola! 5 hours later, my 5 minute project was complete!!!

Now it was time to go shopping!!!

A little different from her usual footwear, huh?!

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Megan said...

"Everyone in the family" bangs into them?

And I love love love the photography of the shoes - so Vogue!