Monday, April 26, 2010

Nicholas Flamel- Alchemist

So with my vow of blogging every day in April, I have to say I'm a little stressed out about having something to blog about every day... today wasn't very exciting and unless you wanted to see pictures of my laundry, I just had nothing.

Until after I picked Ben up & was helping him prepare for his "History of Science Wax Museum" project. Tomorrow he has to dress up as Nicholas Flamel-Alchemist & present himself as Mr. Flamel to various members of the community who will be guests at the "museum". He even has to have business cards to hand out.

When it comes to school projects, I try to be as "hands off" as I can. Ben has done all the research & designed the business cards. Megan helped with the beard, Michael supplied the trench coat, I supplied the posterboard for the hat, bought him a cane (the kid has an absolute obsession with canes, seriously!) & cut out the business cards for him with my paper cutter.

As I was cutting the business cards & watching him glue the cotton balls on his beard, I had an "AH HA! Blog fodder!" moment. Woohoo! So I got out my camera & had Ben try on his costume, you know, "just to see how it looks".

And then my darling, beautiful, blue-eyed boy decided, that Nick F. WOULD NOT be a willing participant on "Beth's Blog" after all.

But then...
My beautiful, darling green-eyed boy...
Made my day!
Oh! How I love this man!

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