Thursday, January 13, 2011

13 (or You Capture- Doorways)

When I saw this week's You Capture Challenge, I had visions of myself walking the streets of South Tampa or Ybor City, camera in hand capturing awesome images of really cool architectural details.  

But that didn't happen.

Instead, I ran around my house like a crazy woman this morning trying to find something interesting to share.

It may not be so interesting, but I'm sharing anyway.

When the girls were little, they would wake up on their birthdays with hundreds (well maybe 50 or so) construction paper numbers hanging from the ceiling all over our little apartment.  When we moved to this house with higher ceilings I stopped doing it.  But the girls took up the cause for their brother & they usually put up numbers on his behalf.  This year Jordan was out of town, so Megan  did it on her own.  Ben's birthday was in November, and the 13s in other parts of the house have been removed, but they will probably remain on the doorway to his room until he turns 14.

What wonderful sisters that boy has!

This is taken from our front door this morning.  I'm posting it in honor of the Seminole basketball beating #1 ranked Duke last night.  (I don't usually watch basketball, but I watch because I knew Jordan was there  What. An. Exciting. Game!!!)

And here's a shot out my back door this morning.  We don't usually leave Bentley out by himself, but it was 29 degrees here in Florida this morning & after 20 minutes, I was too cold to stay out any longer, so I came inside & watched him through the door.  I think he was looking for the yippie dogs next door, but they were smart enough to stay inside.

If you want to check out more pics from this week's You Capture Challenge, check them out here.


Christy said...

the birthday numbers are a cute idea! I love the photo of your dog and the angles of him looking over the fence!

Brooke said...

Glad I am not the only one who neglected to get the photos that I had intended on getting! But sometimes the ones that are more creative and not so typical are BETTER!!! Right :D Love the Birthday baner. How fun!!!

Tiaras said...

that dog looks like he can jump right over your fence??

Jen said...

Aww, what sweet sisters!

Renegades said...

Is that dog as big as he looks or is the fence smaller then it looks?

Creative approach to a doorway. Good job.

Shannon said...

Love the birthday numbers idea! Great photos!

Mia said...

Lovely photos and what a wonderful idea, might borrow that idea when my son turns 9 this April.

Thank you for sharing. ♥

Marla said...

I love that last picture. Your pup is cute. :)

Marla @

Karrie said...

How sweet!!!
Your pup is adorable and your kids sound so lovely!

Deb said...

Great birthday tradition! The photo of your dog is just adorable. I have a 13 year old boy too.

Tiffany @ No Ordinary Homestead said...

Aww, that is such a sweet idea about the birthday numbers, and that the sisters are carrying on the tradition!

Love your dog's name! What kind is he? He looks huge :)

Natalie said...

LOVE your dog! HE is beautiful!

elizabeth said...

hi - surprised to find another tampa blogger on here -
enjoyed your posts!!! Especially the Buc's one!
Hope to hear back from you -
sometimes I feel like I am the only
tampa person out there in this blog world.