Tuesday, January 4, 2011

4 (or Per Usual)

As per usual, my New Year's Resolution is to get my act together & get my house organized.  As per usual, I have many half-assed well thought out plans on how to get that done.  Of course no New Year's Resolution actually starts on Jan. 1, mine always start on the day the kids go back to school. 

 Which was yesterday.  

I did good yesterday.  I de-decorated the Christmas decor & get everything boxed & ready to go in the attic.  Yeah me!!!  

And today my house is naked.


Very naked.

Today I had grandiose plans to get the house dressed for everyday use.

I had plans to rearrange some cabinet tops, mantles & armoires. And maybe to dust too.

And as I stared at the decor ready find a new home, 

and at the towels that needed to be folded, 

And the laundry that needed to be wash, dried & put away,

Per usual, I decided  that my priority should be to spend 3 hours putting all my Christmas card pictures up on the refrigerator.

And that, my friends, is why I have to change my Per Usual.

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