Monday, January 3, 2011

3 (or Today's the Day!)

Hard to believe our Jordie-Girl is 19 today!!!

Two of her college teammates/suitemates flew in from Minnesota & North Carolina yesterday for her birthday to hitch a ride back to school.  

We dragged this crew to Jordan's favorite restaurant (CPK)  for dinner.  I also lugged my big Nikon camera to take advantage of the photo opportunities that are sure to arise on such an occasion.

But... I left my SD card in my computer.  

So I made them pose when we got home.  Not nearly as fun.

How did that happen?

We love you Jordie-Girl!!!  Happy Birthday & Good luck as you begin your 2nd semester of college!


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Anonymous said...

So Bethpooh - Leave the SD card in the camera and connect the camera to the computer with the USB cable.