Saturday, January 22, 2011

22 (or Bad Dog!)

Okay, remember yesterday when I was feeling sorry for this guy?

Today?  Notsomuch!

Now that our yard is a little drier, the pup & I got in some fun ball time this morning.  

As we do every morning. 

And noontime.  

And afternoon. 

 And evening.  

(this dog gets plenty of exercise & attention is what I'm getting at)

Later this morning, after Ben had left for the morning, some dumbass I left the front door open a few seconds too long & he went into escape mode. 

I don't know if you can tell from the pictures but Bentley is a BIG dog... and a fast dog.  His legs are long, his stride is quick & he has energy out the ying-yang.  I'm short, chubby & my legs are pretty short.

And I have no energy.

Thankfully Michael was home.

Off we both go!  

This is a GoogleMap of our street with our house marked with the A:

Here goes Bentley, stopping, of course to "mark" every few feet... 
just long enough for us to almost get to him.

If we run, he runs.  
If we call to him, he laughs.

Do you see where he ended up?!  In our neighbors backyard.  

Our neighbors who we've never met, btw.  Thankfully Mr. Neighborman was friendly & invited us to "Come on back" to to catch our canine friend.

With 3 of us chasing him, he began to really get going...

See those red xes?  Those would be the doors to Mr. Neighborman's pool enclosure.

Yep, you guessed it.

Perfect!  I stand at one door, Michael stands at the other.  He's trapped!


Bentley Thatpainintheassdog runs right THROUGH THEIR SCREEN
 ENCLOSURE and kept on going!!!!


By this time Mr. Neighborman is obviously kind of sick of our Marley & Me Escapades & he proposes to open his OTHER gate.  So Michael stands just outside that gate ready to go... 

Unfortunately, Bentley Thatpainintheassdog snuck on by & continued his adventures.  As we continue our chase, Mr. Neighborman waves at us & smiles, "Good luck!" he says.


 After half an hour of calling, chasing, laughing & cursing, which at some 
points involved Michael trying to cut Thatpainintheassdog off in his truck, 
Thatpainintheassdog finally got tired. 

 He hung his head & surrendered to Michael of his own fruition.

I'm pretty sure it was the best morning of Thatpainintheassdog's life.

He will be dreaming of it for years to come.

I will start looking for a good obedience school on Monday.



Anonymous said...

I used to have a dog that did this crap. Drove me nuts, so I can appreciate your story (after I got done laughing about it).

When we got China, we just started taking her out front with us every time we went outside; on the leash of course. Like when we wash cars, tied the leash to something. Worked in the yard, same deal. Don't know why, but it seems to have worked. She never tries to run away and we don't have to use the leash anymore. Food for thought.... Sue

Kasey said...

Flick does the same thing. One time in our apartment in Ohio she made it all the way around the lake behind our building. Paul went after her and tried to clothesline her. She ended up almost ripping his arm off, she was running so fast. Usually what we do now is after following her for a few feet we turn and run in the other direction and she can't help but race past us which is usually when we grab her. <a href=">These collars</a> are the best for chasing/catching a loose dog though.