Saturday, January 8, 2011

8 (or How 'Bout Dem Seahawks!)

I admit it, I'm a fair-weather fan. Back in the middle ages 2003 when the Bucs won the Superbowl, I a HUGE fan!  I decorated the house every Sunday morning with our Bucs flags, replica helmet, Chucky doll & assorted bobbleheads.

We dragged our young children to the stadium late one Sunday night to greet the team when they returned home after beating the Eagles, securing a spot in Superbowl XXXVII as NFC Champions.

We bought all the paraphernalia we could possibly afford


 & actually either signed the kids out early or let them stay home (I don't remember which) to go watch the parade downtown after their victory.  What a great day in Tampa Bay!!!

Fast forward to this past season.  First of all, during college soccer season (which coincides with most of the NFL season), most Sundays are game days, so we spent about 9 hours on the road every other Sunday going to & from Tallahassee (not to mention the 90 minute games & taking Jordan to dinner after).  Then even when we were home, the Bucs had the distinction of being the only NFL team to have ALL their home games were blacked out on local television this season.  So basically, until the last few weeks when we were surprisingly in the play-off hunt, I hadn't paid too much attention to the team for the past few this season(s).  In fact, as far as the Bucs current lineup, off the top off my head, I know the quarterback is Josh Freeman & Ronde Barber is an aging defender left over from the good ole days & that's about it!  

Regardless of whether or not I'm closely following the Bucs any given season, my dislike of 2 teams remains steadfast... the Philadelphia Eagles (their fans actually threw batteries at Ronde during that NFC Championship game!!!) & the New Orleans Saints.  So, I was thrilled today when the Seahawks were able to eliminate the Saints' chances at repeating their Superbowl win!  :)  Hope those Packers can finish up those Eagles tomorrow.


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