Monday, January 17, 2011

17 (or As Heard Around Our House)

While watching Arthur on Netflix with Ben:

Me:  Recognize her?
Ben: No, should I?
Me:  She's Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz's daughter.
Ben (not really caring):  Oh, cool.
Me:  And she's in that show...
Ben: What show?
Me:  You know, that show we like.  She plays the friend of the mother who dates the son.
Ben:  Huh?
Me:  You know, the show we like about the dysfunctional family.
Ben:  Modern Family?
Me:  No, it's an older show.  You know that show they are going to make into a movie, then they aren't going to make a movie, then they are going to make the movie.
Ben:  Mom, use words.
Me:  You know, the show with Jason Bateman.
Ben:  Who's Jason Bateman?
Me:  You know the show!  There's a mom with a name then this lady plays her friend who isn't really her friend who has the same name.  And she dates the lady with the name's slow son...
Ben:  Arrested Development?
Me:  Yes!  Arrested Develpment!

I would like to say this conversation is highly unusual.  But unfortunately, it happens in some form or another every day.  Why are words so hard?